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Impact PR



Impact PR


Branding, Website design


September 11, 2014


Impact PR is an Auckland based Public Relations company which approached us to give their old logo and website a refresh.

We understood the client’s attachment to their previous branding, and agreed that the new look and feel should pay homage to the old, retaining the color palette as well as ‘fish-bowl’ imagery.

After several logo options, the client decided on a logo which closely resembled the old logo which can be seen on their new website.

The website design that was chosen again maintained original imagery and colour palette of the old website, however the use of engaging article sliders, drop down content areas and animated header image all combine to enhance the user experience.

We created the website using responsive technologies, allowing the site to resize according to the device size being used to view the site. In addition, we also created a separate mobile site which can be seen above, which leveraged the existing site database, but used a different theme to display content in a far simpler interface for the smaller, hand held smartphone.


As a result of our work on this site, Impact PR has experienced a dramatic reduction in site bounce rates (which fell from over 70% to 3.5%); and visitors to the site now spend twice as long exploring the site.

Site bounce rates have dropped by almost 90%, and visitors to the site now spend twice as long exploring the site.

Site stats are based on 30 day metrics before site launch June 1-31 2013; and after site launch July 1-31 2013. Site bounce rate fell from over 70% to 3.53%. Visit duration went from 1min 15 seconds to 3min 13 seconds. Page views went from an average of 1.9 pages per visit to almost 4.5 pages per visit.